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K3 Visa in Pattaya

Getting Married in Pattaya

K3 Visa

If you got married in Pattaya and already have you marriage certificate then you are on your way to obtaining your US Spouse Visa or K3 Visa then then speak to us in Pattaya. If not, speak to us about getting married in Pattaya and we can assist you with that as well. some prefer to get married in Thailand as the K3 even though longer is much easier to adjust when back in the US. Many prefer the CR1 Visa even though it takes a year it allows both parties to prepare better.

Their wife normally ties up all her ends in Thailand during the 1 year wait and her husband normally goes back to the US to make the needed changes to the household. Once she lands in the US with a CR1 Visa she does not need to worry about a Green Card as she would be allowed to work immediately. Many Thai women always want to send money home to mama and this becomes a major sticking point when back in the US as they want to make their own money.

Depending on what you want done the CR1 Visa is much better than the K3 Visa as there are less issues later with the CR1 Visa compared to the K3 Visa. The K3 Visa will not allow you Thai wife to work in the US until she obtains the right to work in the US. She would also be much better off with regards to travel as she can leave the US on a CR1 visa without having to apply to leave and re-enter the country. Many Thai women who have run their own businesses in Thailand prefer the CR1 as it gives them freedom to work, conduct business and to travel between the US and Thailand without much issues. If she has a child or children speak to our attorney about this as she will have to apply at the same time for a K4 Visa for this child which is attached to the US Spouse Visa.

Speak to our attorneys about the options available to you and your Thai wife before you apply for either a K3 Visa or for the CR1 visa in Thailand. Call us today toll-free and speak to an attorney or speak to a paralegal online for more information.

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