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Financial Requirements K1 Visa

Financial Requirements K1 VisaThe financial requirements for the K1 Visa differ from state to state in the US. It also differ if you are in the US military or not. Those in the US military have a lower financial requirement. Over the years we have done more than 70 applications for US Marines out of our Bangkok office for those stationed either in the US or in Korea and Japan.

The financial requirements for the K1 Fiancee Visa is listed as follows in the following tables which was last years tables for those who need to be above the poverty line in the US. If you have any questions ask our Us attorney in Bangkok for more information. You can call toll-free out of the US or speak to a paralegal online now. If you cannot make the poverty line based on a salary then you can also use investments to show income such as shares, ownership of a motorcar or any equity in your house. If you have a 100,000 USD house and you have paid off 60% then you have 40,000 USD in equity based on the mortgage bond or if the property value is 200,000 USD today then you have equity of 140,000 USD in the property. Allow our immigration lawyer to work this out for you if you do no make the poverty level on your salary alone.

If you are in the military you only need to make the base income as listed and not 125% that everyone else has too meet.

Exception:  In all cases, U.S. military personnel may earn at or over the base levels set by HHS.

2012 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia
Persons in
Fiance Visa Marriage Visa
1 $11,170 $13,963
2 15,130 18,913
3 19,090 23,863
4 23,050 28,813
5 27,010 33,763
6 30,970 38,713
7 34,930 43,663
8 38,890 48,613

For more than 8, add $3,960 for a fiance visa and $4,950 for a marriage visa.


2012 Poverty Guidelines for
Persons in
 Fiance Visa   Marriage Visa
1 $13,970 $17,463
2 18,920 23,650
3 23,870 29,838
4 28,820 36,025
5 33,770 42,213
6 38,720 48,400
7 43,670 54,588
8 48,620 60,775

For more than 8, add $4,950 for a fiance visa and $6,188 for a marriage visa.


2012 Poverty Guidelines for
Persons in
   Fiance Visa    Marriage Visa  
1 $12,860 $16,075
2 17,410 21,763
3 21,960 27,450
4 26,510 33,138
5 31,060 38,825
6 35,610 44,513
7 40,160 50,200
8 44,710 55,888

For more than 8, add $4,550 for a fiance visa and $5,688 for a marriage visa.


Speak to us today in person at our Pattaya office or at our Bangkok office. Allow us to send another US citizen back home with his Thai fiancee. Call us toll-free or speak to us online.


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