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K1 Visa Process in Pattaya

K1 Visa Process in Pattaya

K1 Visa Process in PattayaIf you are not getting married in Pattaya and prefer to take your Thai fiancee back to the US then you can start the K1 Visa process in Pattaya. There are a number of documents that needs to be collected and while in Pattaya the document collections process can commence. The documents would be needed mainly from your Thai fiancee and you can consider the following a brief list of documents that she would need to find.

Again this is a brief overview of the documents needed and you would have to listen to the attorney in Pattaya for a complete list of documents which would be needed. Here they are:

  • Copy of her High School certificate or University Degree;
  • Copy of her Divorce Agreement if she is divorced;
  • Copy of her Thai ID card;
  • Copy of Police Clearance Certificate from Thai Police;
  • Copy Child/Children birth certificates
  • Copy Hospital Health Certificate with XRays;
  • Copy of her Children/Child’s Birth certificate (K2 Visa);
  • Copy of love letters, emails, photos to show real relationship;

These are the very basics. The immigration lawyer will advise you of the complete list but it gives you an idea of what would be needed for the process to start in Thailand. All the documents need to be translated into English and certified by a public notary or attorney. Many of our clients prefer to come to our Bangkok office as many of the documents needed can only be done in Bangkok such as the police security clearance certificate. Again see the attorney at our Pattaya office and take advice directly from there.

Once all the documents are collected it will then have to be submitted to the USCIS in the area where you live in the US. Once they have the documents they will post you a note that sate that they have the documents. If any documents are short, they will notify you of what is short and what they need. Once this is complete they will send the documents to the NVC (National Visa Center). They in turn will send you a letter to state that they have the documents now. Once they are complete they will forward the documents to the US Embassy in Bangkok. They in turn will send your Thai fiancee a notice with an interview date.

Once this interview is done a visa is issued and if there are children and you have included them with a K2 Visa application then they will also get their K2 Visa for the US. The process takes about 6 months from start to finish. You are now on your way to the US with your Thai fiancee.


2 thoughts on “K1 Visa Process in Pattaya

  1. ok….we get a K1 visa, we marry within 90 days, can she stay? or is it back to Thailand for a different visa…can she return back and forth to her home country as many times as she likes?

    1. You must get married within the 90-day K1 Visa. Once married, your wife will need to apply for an adjustment of status where she will be a 2-year conditional resident. After which, she will become a permanent resident.

      She must wait for the Advanced Parole to be approved which is the permit to travel abroad before she can travel abroad. During the 2 years that she is a conditional resident, she can travel outside of the US for not more than 6 months in total.

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