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US Visa Lawyer in Pattaya

Speak to our attorneys in Pattaya about your US visa application. If you are taking your Thai fiancee or Thai wife back to the US then walk into our Pattaya office for assistance. We are able to obtain a K3 Visa for your Thai wife and a K4 Visa for her child or children. We […]

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K4 Visa : K2 Visa in Thailand

If you are applying for a K3 Visa or a K1 Visa then the children of your Thai wife of fiancee needs to have a visa to enter the Us with their mother. If it is your Thai wife on a K3 Visa then her child or children would need a K4 Visa. If it […]

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K3 Visa in Pattaya

If you got married in Pattaya and already have you marriage certificate then you are on your way to obtaining your US Spouse Visa or K3 Visa then then speak to us in Pattaya. If not, speak to us about getting married in Pattaya and we can assist you with that as well. some prefer […]

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Financial Requirements K1 Visa

The financial requirements for the K1 Visa differ from state to state in the US. It also differ if you are in the US military or not. Those in the US military have a lower financial requirement. Over the years we have done more than 70 applications for US Marines out of our Bangkok office […]

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K1 Visa Process in Pattaya

If you are not getting married in Pattaya and prefer to take your Thai fiancee back to the US then you can start the K1 Visa process in Pattaya. There are a number of documents that needs to be collected and while in Pattaya the document collections process can commence. The documents would be needed […]

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Getting Married in Pattaya

If you have found Miss Right in Pattaya and want to obtain a visa for her for the US or the UK then consider speak to us at Siam Legal in Pattaya close to the Bus station in Northern Pattaya. We have been in Pattaya many years and have been very successful at obtain a […]

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